I've been of the opinion for a while that we need to decolonise our thinking from American influence.

Also, "The ‘somewhere’ domination of our politics should end, but it should end by the injection of more ‘anywheres’" - shurely shome mishtake?

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Conservatism is a doomed ideology. The only problem with its demise is that it is taking an unconscionably long time a-dying. Rochester's remarks on the corruption of the long-moribund Charles II also recall the state of the Conservative Party - " "Restless he rolls from whore to whore/A merry monarch, scandalous and poor."

These people have entertained every moral outrage to stay at the gaming table of power. They have gambled away the fortune of our heritage, tradition, our culture and our built environment. Their monument is ruin and plunder their reward. Having conserved nothing, even their name is redundant.

Politics is at present technocratic managerialism. It is indifferent to and contemptuous of the majority view, being concerned with the implementation of top down policies beneficial to bureaucracies and detrimental to those these machines of management were originally created to serve.

To these people humanity is a management problem to solve. We are all in the original position of Rawls from their point of view: fungible, faceless, having no attributes but the right to dissolve ourselves in delimited desire.

A human scale society is a viable alternative to the posthuman future presented by these news cyclists. A managerialism of both "left" and "right" is one which selects for unprincipled human components in a machine. It has produced a political economy of mass scale, to which the individual person has no access and in which the opinions of ordinary people are taboo.

It has normalised the marginal, and marginalised the normal. This is not a stable system.

Consider the tomorrow they propose for us all. If they do have a plan, it appears to be one to create a life unworthy of the name for its borderless populations.

These people have nothing to contribute but subtraction.

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